Your personal assistant for complete control over your business

Whenever and wherever you want, complete access to your schedule, marketing tools and accounting. With automatic appointment reminders to prevent no-shows and save money.

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Salonized salon software is the perfect solution for managing your appointments, client administration, accounting, sales administration and marketing.

Keep track of your appointments, sales and customer base easily, wherever you are

Every entrepreneur dreams of a personal assistant. With Salonized salon software you'll save time immediately so you can focus on your work instead of the hassle around it.


All-in one package

Our salon software is specially designed for salons and offers all features for running your business smooth and easy. Manage your schedule, sales and customer administration stress free, wherever you are.


Do yourself a favor

Shorten your to-do list with the time-saving features, such as sending automatic emails and doing your accounts with our digital accounting module. Find the information you need in an instant, so you can focus your time and energy on your customers.


Lift customer relations to another level

Prevent no-shows with sending automatic appointment reminders and increase the satisfaction of your customers. Gather all treatment and payment data conveniently in detailed customer profiles. All the data you need instantly at hand.


Know the numbers that matter

Get a thorough insight in your financial situation. Know in an instant how your salon is doing business wise. Make financial reports in a few seconds and analyze trends at every desired level. Now you can easily interpret the right numbers to plan ahead.

Want to know how you can increase your revenue with our smart salon software?

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5 must need products for managing your salon efficiently in 1 software package

Prevent no-shows

Salonized Appointments

Do you have the feeling you are constantly answering the phone on inconvenient moments? Let customers schedule their appointment online. They receive a confirmation email and with automatic appointment reminders and online cancellation you can prevent no-shows. This saves lots of time, your client database grows and your revenue increases!

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Transparent payments

Salonized Register

Your phone is your wallet and you don’t need to hassle with difficult Excelsheets. Transactions are automatically registered and Salonized shows real-time data by payment. You monitor your money flows easily and doing your accounting becomes carefree. The software is customer friendly with multiple online payment methods. Even with gift cards.

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Keep customers loyal

Salonized Customers

Prevent no-shows and increase customer loyalty with sending automatic appointment reminders. Develop client profiles to send personalized offers or birthday messages. By sending automatic feedback requests you also get a full insight in customer satisfaction.

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Target the market right

Salonized Marketing

Keep them coming! Set up your mini website in 10 minutes. Then easily divide your clients in target groups and send professional newsletters to increase satisfaction and revenue. Stay in touch with every possible client and develop a loyal customer base.

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All financial data in your pocket

Salonized Manager

Have access to your financial data 24/7 from every location. Make detailed reports, analyze trends and plan easily ahead. The results are automatically linked to employees and you keep them motivated by providing individual feedback. Get an insight in the progress of your business with only a few clicks.

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Experience the easiness and effectiveness of Salonized salon software

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24/7 support

Within minutes you will master the use of our software. It is developed especially for easy and efficient everyday use. No training is necessary. If you do encounter any difficulties, our highly trained Salonized employees are 24/7 on call to support you!

Suitable for every device

It doesn’t matter if you are using an old fashioned PC, a modern Apple laptop or only your smartphone; Salonized salon software can be used on all devices. The software operates in the cloud, so you only need an internet connection for easy access. Full control over your business from everywhere in an instant.

Safely stored and protected

Never worry about a computer crash or server meltdown. New appointments, real-time financial data, customer information: your data is accessible in the cloud and we make sure it is fully backed up. You will never lose your valuable data.


Your administration contains privacy-sensitive information. It can even maintain medical data. It is extremely important that this data is handled with care. Our salon software is therefore highly secure and reliable. We meet the requirements stated by personal data protection laws and we can also compose a data processing agreement for you.